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3 week old cygnet

Our little Mute Swan cygnet is now around 3 weeks old, and growing rapidly!

Now that it has grown stronger and has survived the first and most vulnerable weeks of it’s life, the parents have relaxed their guard, although they are still careful not to let the cygnet stray too far from their sides.

One of the parent birds

Keeping a careful eye on her cygnet

As the family spent time in the harbour gap this morning, the cygnet fed on the vegetation in the shallow water by the water’s edge, allowing me to get some close up images that I have been waiting for.

Feeding beside one of the parents

Cygnet portrait

Stretching up

Dabbling in the water

Little and large


A beakful of vegetation

Behind the grass

Curious cygnet

Feeding on algae

Cygnet at 3 weeks old

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