• Claire Stott

A lucky escape

Last night I was woken at around 3am by a scratching sound coming from the yard, accompanied by an odd shrieking noise quite unlike anything I had heard before. Going to the back door and switching on the light expecting to find a mouse, instead I came across a small brown bird cowering in the drain as our cat Cali repeatedly swiped at it with a paw.

The bird was a recently fledged Starling, perhaps fallen from a nest in the walls above. It made a few attempts to fly away and although it had fully formed wings it was unable to gain any height and escape. I quickly grabbed the Starling and took indoors to safety before it could come to further harm.

Thankfully it appeared to have survived unscathed with no obvious injuries, although as I held it in my hands it lay down, shivering and closed it’s eyes, no doubt suffering from shock. I put the youngster in a box, safely tucked away in the bathroom where it couldn’t be harassed any further, and hoped it would survive the night…

This morning to my relief the Starling appeared to have recovered from it’s ordeal, and was bouncing around the box angrily. Taking it down to the harbour I set the bird on the ground, I was pleasantly surprised when it immediately took to the air and flew away strongly and rapidly out of sight.

I have mixed feelings about our domestic cats and their tendency to hunt our wildlife, however I understand that unfortunately this is just part of their nature, and they will instinctively hunt and kill small animals, no matter how well fed they may be!

It is always sad when they bring home a poor deceased little bird, but thankfully on this particular occasion I was able to intervene and save this young life.

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