• Claire Stott

A parting gift

There is definitely a chilly autumnal feeling in the air lately. With shortening hours of daylight and dropping temperatures it will soon be time for the Aberystwyth house martins to leave us once again.

This summer has passed in what feels like the blink of an eye and these birds’ familiar staccato calls will soon disappear from our skies as they begin a perilous journey back to their wintering grounds in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Although this year I decided to focus more on capturing the house martins in flight (with mixed success) I can never resist photographing them as they visit the harbour mud flat to gather materials for their nest.

Here is a photo that I am really rather pleased with, perhaps my favourite shot of the house martins to date.

Canon EOS 80D with 70-300mm telephoto lens. F/6.3 1/1600sec ISO400 at 300mm

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