• Claire Stott

A rush of wings

The return of long dark nights and icy cold days signals the start of winter, and the return of the Starlings here in Aberystwyth. Each year thousands of these birds flock to this seaside town and gather in huge flocks which can be seen each dawn and dusk emerging to and from the iron struts of the Victorian pier.

Lining the roof and windows of the pier

Swirling masses

Exact numbers are difficult to calculate but the roost numbers in at least the thousands, with numbers peaking during midwinter.

A rush of wings

At the moment the flock still seems relatively small, although still very impressive. I was hoping to see a whirling display of aerobatics however on this particular occasion all was relatively undramatic. With the dreary overcast evening, the starlings seemed keen to settle in their roost as soon as possible.

There were a few exiting moments where it looked like the action might begin but after forming a few brief clusters, the birds soon then dispersed and descended into their sleeping quarters.

Gathering together for safety as a gull flies by

Heart in the sky

The descent

I aim to visit the roost regularly over the winter to try and capture more spectacular murmurations and some new perspectives.

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