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A wild Jackdaw chase

For several weeks now I have been following a flock of Jackdaws who regularly visit the area around the harbour in search of food. Although these birds are always a favourite of mine, I am particularly interested in them at this time of year as this is the time when their youngsters fledge and join the adults out on their daily foraging trips.

Whilst I have regularly seen the scrawny young birds alongside their parents, and heard their high pitched ‘chack chack’ begging calls echoing in the distance, getting close to them has been frustratingly difficult.

On this particular afternoon it seemed as though my luck may be about to turn as one youngster did alight briefly on the harbour slipway, a favourite spot for these birds to search for food. One reasonable photo later and the young Jackdaw lost it’s nerve and disappeared out of sight once again.

Jackdaw chick

With the older birds showing well I was at least able to get some photographs for my efforts after my failed attempts with the fledgling!

Jackdaw on a background of daisies

These corvids are highly intelligent birds and it’s possible that the adults recognise me and realise that I am no threat, having spent a lot of time with them over recent weeks and months.

One jackdaw keeps watch as its companions forage for food

Adult jackdaw on the harbour slipway

Jackdaw in a patch of golden sunlight

Jackdaw portrait

Jackdaw adult

In the grass at the water’s edge

Jackdaw with a distinctive eye

One of the ‘teenagers’, it’s eye turning to brown

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