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Aberystwyth in Bloom: Part 2

With a change of scenery in order, what better time to visit the grounds of Aberystwyth Castle, a great spot for a morning of nature therapy! I was hoping to find some wildflowers to capture as part of my ongoing photography project and fortunately I was not left disappointed.

The usually short cropped lawns have been left abandoned as there are no council workers yet able to tend to them. Nature has taken full advantage and provided with weeks of unbroken sunshine, the grass now stands tall and unkempt, bursting with daisies and dandelions.

Aberystwyth war memorial behind a patch of wildflowers

I did hear a passer by comment disapprovingly that she ‘had never seen the castle looking such a mess’! I have to say I disagree, it may not be perfectly neat and controlled but I think the pop of colour much more beautiful than plain uniform green.

Putting aesthetics aside it is important to remember that these flowers will now provide shelter and food to tiny insects and invertebrates throughout the summer months and beyond.

On the sunny slopes bordering the castle another colour dominated, with various shades of pink sea thrift sprouting from the hillside to soak up the now abundant sunshine.

Thrift flowers thrive in coastal habitats adding a welcome pop of colour to otherwise barren sea cliffs and rocky beaches.

Whilst I’m sure these flowers have always been here, the thrift seems to be particularly abundant and widespread around the exposed coasts of Aberystwyth this year, or perhaps I’ve just not noticed or appreciated them before!

“And the purple Thrift , straightest and primmest of flowers” – Caroline Gilan, “Let Us Go to the Woods”

Nestled in among the thrift another flower dominated much closer to the ground creating a dense carpet of white.

These unusual fleshy stemmed flowers are sea campion, also known rather morbidly as ‘dead-man’s bells’.

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