• Claire Stott

Among the brambles

Beside the harbour edge, atop a small grassy mound is a dense patch of brambles and bushes, home to a small flock of house sparrows. They can often be heard chirping noisily from within and emerge frequently to forage among the branches and to bathe in the water below.

I have tried and failed to get a decent shot of the sparrows bathing many times before but have never been able to get close enough to the action. Today by sitting and waiting patiently a couple of meters from the waters edge, I was finally somewhat successful.

I am particularly pleased with this shot. Although it could be a little sharper I like the feel of movement here.

Their feathers now waterlogged, the sparrows fluttered back up to the safety of the brambles to preen their feathers dry under the warmth of the sun.

Back up high and in safety, the sparrows gradually let me sneak closer, no easy task through the tangle of vegetation. The lighting was somewhat tricky, with a drab grey wall somewhat ruining the background, however I am quite happy with these shots.

Often dismissed as a boring brown bird, the male sparrows in particular are actually rather striking. When viewed up close their feathers are far from uniform, instead a mix of reddish browns, steely grey, buff and black are revealed.

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