• Claire Stott

Among the flock

In just 4 short months since their arrival into the world, the five Mute Swans cygnets have grown rapidly from tiny balls of grey fuzz to large, powerful birds that will soon be as big as their parents.

With their increasing size they have grown bold and much less reliant on the protection of their parents. Defending themselves from threats with hissing displays and ruffled feathers.

As the family rested on the slipway on this particular afternoon, I moved slowly towards them for a closer view.

Being close to seven such large birds was rather intimidating and they could certainly have done me some damage if spooked! Luckily after a few moments the swans realised I was no threat, and soon settled back down to their ritual of preening, feeding and dozing.

These huge babies are incredible clumsy on land, nothing like the serene creatures gliding across the water, as this one proved with a stumble into the seaweed!

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