• Claire Stott

April Showers

A typical wet and windy bank holiday weekend put a dampener on any plans for bird photography, however another opportunity arose once the rain had finally stopped falling. With my tiny garden newly filled with plants and flowers, raindrops were left shimmering, clinging to their leaves and petals.

Raindrops have always been another of my favourite subject matters, the unique patterns and reflections they create are fascinating. The effect of the droplets not only makes the plants sparkle in the light, but there convex surface also creates a magnifying effect, revealing the tiny details and textures of the plants beneath.

Some other images from the garden:

A decayed leaf

Spores on the underside of fern leaves

Pink petals

— All photographs copyright of Claire Stott/Grey Feather Photography 2018 © http://www.greyfeatherphotography.com

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