• Claire Stott

Autumn invasion

Autumn is the time of year when all things 8 legged invade our gardens and appear in our homes, seeking out mates and warm places to spend the impending winter.

Fear of spiders is irrational and actually quite ridiculous since none of the spiders found in the UK can do you any real harm but that doesn’t stop thousands of us, myself included being one of those afraid of these tiny creatures.

In an effort to learn to love spiders I have been making a conscious effort not to squash any of those tiny wispy cellar spiders that have taken up residence behind my washing machine and other dark corners of the home. Spiders are nature’s true pest controllers and eat a lot of other insects which we really don’t want in our homes and so we need to learn to live alongside them.

Whilst not entirely happy with the miniature beasts living in my home I am much more comfortable with spiders outdoors, when there is plenty of space for me to get away!

In an effort to desensitise myself to spiders I have been photographing them up close to confront my fear. In doing so I am gradually  developing a new appreciation for them and perhaps even a little fascination.

A garden orb weaver wrapping prey (possibly a hoverfly) in silk

A much smaller and striking green orb weaver

Garden orb weaver underside view

A tiny zebra jumping spider on a fence post

Garden orb weaver repairing it’s web

— All photographs copyright of Claire Stott/Grey Feather Photography © www.greyfeatherphotography.com

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