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Bad feather day

After my failure to capture photographs of the young Jackdaw a few weeks ago, today my luck had turned and I was able to capture some more successful photographs as the corvid family foraged in and around the harbour slipway under the pleasant morning sunshine.

The adults were busy searching for their breakfast among the washed up seaweed and flotsam, the birds deftly flicking aside the debris with their beaks to get at whatever food may be concealed beneath, such as this tiny crab.

Jackdaw with tiny crab caught in it’s beak

Their chick too was busy mastering this foraging technique, although with rather less skill and precision than the adult birds. Preoccupied with feeding, on this occasion the young bird was not too concerned by me or the camera.

Juvenile jackdaw foraging among seaweed and rocks

Juvenile jackdaw in profile

At this age the youngster is now transitioning from drab brown in colour to its adult plumage and already some glossy blue feathers are visible, pushing their way out from underneath the ragged edges of the juvenile feathers.

This Jackdaw is certainly no beauty just yet but still a very interesting subject, the bright sunlight bringing out it’s now blue eye and a distinctly scruffy coating of feathers.

Looking over the shoulder

Ruffled feathers

Picking up a leaf

Jackdaw fledgling

It’s not just the young jackdaw looking a little rough around the edges, many of the other residents are looking far from their best as they undergo their own moult.

Carrion crow

Pigeon with new feathers erupting from their sheaths

Pigeon losing the iridescent feathers on it’s neck

Scruffy rook

Fledgling pigeon looking rather worse for wear!

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