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Birds in blooms

A change of scenery was in order today and what better place to explore than the grounds of Aberystwyth Castle. It’s flower beds are in full bloom this time of year, filled with vibrant colours, buzzing bees and dancing butterflies. Luckily the flowers seem to be thriving despite the relentless sun beating down overhead and the lack of rain, no doubt they are kept well watered by our local council.

Whilst photographing a large patch of dazzling pink Livingstone daisies, several heads kept emerging from within the flowers, as a family of sparrows with their young, foraged in the soil for insects and seeds.


A house sparrow fledgling, still with the yellow flanges at the edge of the beak, giving it a rather sad expression!


Fledgling (left) and adult female (right)

Perching on the wall

Male sparrow with a striking black bib

Later, the Starlings also came to investigate the flower bed along with one of their all brown juveniles. You can just see some of the dark adult feathers beginning to emerge on the wing.

Juvenile starling I

Juvenile starling II

The adults’ once vibrant plumage is now looking rather faded as the birds loose condition due to demands of the breeding season and raising their ever hungry chicks.

Adult with drab plumage

In the pink

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