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Finally, after months of impatient waiting the mute swan cygnets have arrived!

After witnessing the adult mute swans mating in the harbour some months ago I have been eagerly waiting for the opportunity to photograph this year’s babies.

There were just three cygnets feeding with the parents, which seems like quite a small brood with swans usually laying up to seven eggs at a time. Perhaps more did hatch but did not make it through the difficult first few days.

With the light fading there was little time to photograph the cygnets before the sun went down but I will be looking out for them during the daytime in the hope of getting some better images.

Who can possibly call these ugly ducklings?!

Interestingly no sign of the lone canada goose which seems to live alongside the swans. I imagine it has been chased off whilst the pair are raising their young. I wonder if we will see it again?

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