• Claire Stott

Love is in the air

Although capable of breeding year round (provided they can find enough food) the harbour pigeons have waited for the welcome return of warmer weather before beginning their breeding efforts.

Now this spring is well underway, the quiet morning air is regularly filled with the sounds of the male pigeons soft cooing calls as they strut about and pirouette in their attempts to impress the females.

Today the pigeons had chosen the harbour slipway as their display area, with several males pursuing their females with great enthusiasm. It was quite amusing watching this pair scurry around in circles as the female tried to shake off her admirer – cue Benny Hill theme music!

Another pair were displaying a short distance away and this particular female was clearly very taken by her impressive mate, a few bows with his neck puffed out and she simply plonked herself down on the ground to be mated. No need for flowers and dinner here!

Want to know more about the location where these photos were taken? Read here.

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