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It has been a rather dreary January, with seemingly endless damp and drizzle punctuated with the just the odd day of winter sunshine here or there. After a positive start with a beautiful frost to capture, there hasn’t been a huge amount to photograph.

I must admit I have been feeling a little uninspired and long for a little bit of excitement, some interesting behaviour or a brand new sighting to peak my interest and creativity.

Whilst there haven’t been many birds around a few of the regular visitors have made an appearance and provided some welcome relief  to the photography drought.

This jackdaw was the subject of a rather charming shot, as it took a drink from a shallow puddle, it’s reflection shining against a backdrop of vibrant green.

This particular bird appeared to be a juvenile. If you look closely you can just see a smudge of brown remaining in the eye (this changes from brown to blue as the jackdaw ages). It also has a less distinct black face and silver cap than an adult.

Want to know more about the location where these photos were taken? Read here.

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