• Claire Stott

Resourceful Jackdaws

With Spring now well under way the local birds have turned their attention to breeding. Whilst the mallards and swans get amorous down on the water the Jackdaws have been busy collecting stick and twigs with which they will construct a nest.

Jackdaw nests are surprisingly large and usually built in tree cavities, on buildings or even in chimneys, often in the company of other jackdaws and occasionally rooks. Once the nest structure is complete a pair will then collect materials to line the nest, to insulate their eggs during incubation.

Whilst the nests are usually lined with wool or animal hair, the Jackdaws will make use of almost anything they can find including soil, leaves, fabric and in this case, discarded tissue!

There’s something on your foot…

This pair of Jackdaws, having found a large quantity of tissue blowing across the road, tore it into smaller, more manageable pieces before flying off to their nearby nests with their beaks packed full.

Tearing the tissue into more manageable pieces

About to fly off with their find

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