• Claire Stott

Sighting: Collared Doves

Just when I was beginning to grow a little tired of the same old routine, photographing the same birds at almost every visit, today there was a surprise encounter in the harbour.

As I sprinkled some seed on the ground for the ever present pigeon flock several other pigeon shaped figures flew in and landed on the high concrete wall above, peering down to the scene below with a mixture of curiosity and caution.

These were a pair of beautiful collared doves, a bird I have not seen in this area before. Slightly smaller and more delicate than their feral pigeon cousins they are an unusual dusky pink colour with a black band over the neck and a striking dark red eye.

Although intrigued by the food on offer unfortunately they weren’t bold enough to venture down from their high vantage point and I was only able to capture this one shot of them before they lost their nerve and flew away.

Nevertherless it is always nice to see and photograph something a little different and add another bird to the list of sightings here.

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