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Sighting: Grey Wagtail

Friday 3rd April: Isolation Day 10

Aside from a brief lull yesterday, we are still blessed with gorgeous blue skies here on the Welsh coast. The beautiful weather is very uplifting and making the adjustment to a life of social isolation and staying home just a little easier.

I am making the most of the conditions and the sudden increase in free time, spending as much of it as possible outdoors (close to home of course). Whilst we are only allowed outside once a day, fortunately no one has yet put a restriction on how long we can stay there…

Today’s ‘nature therapy’ session was a rather quiet one, with the tide out there were no antics out on the water to photograph, just the odd bird foraging among the vegetation left behind.

The highlight of the morning was this splendid little grey wagtail. Usually very skittish and incredibly difficult to get close to this bird took me rather by surprise by landing just a couple of meters away. As I hurriedly captured a few shots the bird soon realised it’s mistake and shot off, not to be seen again for the entire morning.

Still not a great photo, but better than previous attempts!

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