• Claire Stott

Sighting: Kingfisher

Whilst Kingfishers are not an unusual sighting here on the river in Aberstywyth, these birds are so incredibly shy and skittish that getting close to them is nearly impossible (at least without a hide). Having had several fleeting glimpses over the years I have never managed to get a photograph.

Today I struck lucky and was able to get a reasonable image, still from quite a distance so as not to frighten the bird off, but close enough to determine that this particular Kingfisher is female.

The male Kingfisher has an all black beak whilst the females lower bill is bright orange in colour, as seen below.

She perched briefly on the edge of a boat before she took off upriver in a flash of electric blue.

The bright sunshine and clear skies of the day really brought out the vibrant orange and blue of the feathers, in particular the iridescent patches on the head and back.

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