• Claire Stott

Sighting: Pied Wagtail

After numerous failed attempts today I finally able to get close to the pied wagtails often seen hunting near the water’s edge.

The males are particularly striking with their monochrome black and white plumage. The females are a duller, grey colouration.

Thankfully the weather has calmed significantly since the chaos of yesterday when we were battered by 94mph winds! In the aftermath of the storm the harbour has been strewn with leaves, litter and debris which the wagtails were busily picking through in search of their small insect prey.

Sitting at the water’s edge was not an altogether pleasant experience, the wind still blowing a bitter chill, thankfully a few bursts of sunshine helped to take the edge off the cold whilst a washed up piece of driftwood did at least provided a temporary and dry seat.

— All photographs copyright of Claire Stott/Grey Feather Photography 2016 © http://www.greyfeatherphotography.com

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