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Sighting: Ringed Plover

Winter always attracts waders back to the coast and here in Aberystwyth the low tide mud flats are a magnet for a variety of these birds. Most commonly seen are the turnstones named for their behaviour of turning over rocks to look for invertebrates beneath. Also a fairly regular sight are the purple sandpipers, although I am yet to see them this year.

A few days ago I encountered a striking bird which I have not seen before, a ringed plover. The ringed plover is a small, rounded little bird with a short stubby beak and distinctive black rings around it’s neck and over the eyes. It is a Red Listed bird of conservation concern with populations declining over recent years.

Ringed plover (cropped)

This bird was very skittish, only allowing me to capture one distant shot before it flew off, alarm calling loudly.

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