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Snow day

This morning we awoke to an unusual sighting here on the Welsh coast as several inches of snow had fallen and settled overnight as the temperature plummeted. We haven’t had snow for several years so I was keen to make the most of it before it melted away.

This morning’s view!

With the snowflakes still falling outside, I was soon soaking wet and bone chillingly cold. I was dissapointed to find a complete absence of birds in the usual locations, they were clearly more sensible than me and hunkered down somewhere warm and sheltered waiting for a break in the weather to resume their activity.

Luckily my little mongrel dog Kaiya could not get enough of the white stuff and was a very willing photography subject. Having never seen snow before she was beside herself with excitement the moment her paws touched powdery snow and she took great delight in running through it at top speed without a care in the world.

One of Kaiya’s doggie pals also out enjoying the snow

Not one to let the weather keep her indoors, our cat Cali also braved the arctic conditions. Despite her thick double coat to keep her cosy, she was less than impressed and stepped tentatively through the cold, crunchy snow.

This would have been a very striking shot, had Cali cooperated and turned to face the camera…

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