• Claire Stott

Spring Equinox

Today marks the spring equinox, the start of astrological Spring. As we bid farewell to the cold, dark days of winter and welcome instead the warmth and colours of the new season, we also bid a fond farewell to the starlings.

The murmurations of starlings here in Aberystwyth have entertained and enthralled us all winter but now is the time for them to disperse, the european migrants leaving our shores to return to their breeding grounds across the continent.

Whilst a combination of poor timing and even poorer weather meant I didn’t quite achieve the spectacular mumuration shots combined with a glorious sunset I had hoped for, there have still been some memorable moments.

On my final evening with the starlings they certainly didn’t disappoint and had one final treat in store, the flock forming a beautiful heart shape in the sky!

Until we meet again…

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