• Claire Stott

Stuck in the mud

Photography isn’t always glamorous, in fact if you are a nature enthusiast as I am you will often find yourself sat out in very comfortable situations whether it be freezing cold temperatures, traipsing through mud or knee deep in nettles. Today was one such day as I explored the tidal mud flat down in the harbour.

It was an absolutely glorious, warm sunny day, perfect for photography but as with many things sometimes all the elements just don’t come together. The area completely devoid of life apart from a single pair of mallard ducks, dabbling for food in the shallow pools of muddy water.

Not quite was I was hoping for but nevertheless they photographed beautifully in the conditions, the male’s plumage dazzling in all it’s colour and beauty, despite a few mud splatters.

With the moist mud rapidy drying out in the warmth it quickly turned into a sticky, treacherous ooze. Whilst I struggled to take a step without a wellie boot sinking deep into the mud the mallards with their wide, flat webbed feet had no such trouble and plodded about with ease.

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