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Troglodytes troglodytes

The European wren (Troglodytes troglodytes) is Britain’s second smallest bird, rivalled only by the goldcrest, and is one of our most common and widespread species. Despite this, the Wren has proved notoriously difficult for me to find and photograph.

After numerous failed attempts elsewhere it was pleasant surprise when, a couple of days ago I found a very obliging little wren much closer to home. Residing in a crevice in the harbour wall, it seemed to have no fear venturing out and hopping about the mooring ropes as I stood just a meter or so away.

Emerging from it’s home in the wall


Wrens usually have a long tail which is often held vertically, however this individual appeared to be missing it’s tail feathers.

Perhaps it was grabbed by a predator as I wouldn’t expect it to moult all the tail feathers at once, either way they should soon grow back.

Wren with missing tail feathers

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